Support can be a key selling point, a reason for a user to pick your product over the competition in the market. Knowing that someone is on hand to answer questions or fix bugs can influence the decision to buy or sign up for a business /software product. Software questions can immediately impact your business’s ability to perform.

The Software Technical Support Team is the first line introducing impression about your software product or user business experience. The below principles are the best practice for acquiring a top support service in business:

  • Studying your Software Product :

The more your team understands your product, the better they will be supporting it. Some companies on-board every new hire — not just their sales team — with a one-week product boot camp to ensure that they know their products/services inside-out. Be sure to prepare and update them with every new release.

  • Interacting with Users/Customers :

The more your team knows about your customers and their needs, the more of an asset the technical support specialists are; to both your company and your customers. Your customer support team can also be an amazing source of product innovation, sharing users’ feedback and suggested features.

  • Supporting Customers as One Team :

Team’s harmony adds credibility. Sure, you’ll want to pass highly technical cases to the experts, but everyone needs to be able to help out.

  • Having a Tickets SLA and Knowledge Transfer:

Nobody likes a know-it-all. If your technical support team isn’t sure how to troubleshoot a problem, it’s okay for them to let the customer know they’ll get in touch with an agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the right contact person in charge of solving the issue and get back with a solution.

  • Having a Support Team Available Around the Clock :

Customers hate to wait. So, give your team the right help-desk software they need; to support customers as efficiently as possible. After all, reducing the time it takes to assist a customer directly reduces the time other customers must wait, too. Moreover, be sure to motivate the Technical Support team to solve each ticket completely; whereas pro-activity and efficiency are important, but resolution time should never trump customer satisfaction (CSAT).

It is a common mistake among software development companies to assume that your client will be happy because your product is good. Not much can beat the customer satisfaction that is the result of a well-designed product … but a lot can undermine it. Even if you follow the agile methodology for product development and frequently get customer feedback for new features, you will still need nimble product support to evolve your software and keep your customers content.

Engaging a successful technical support team is vital for running and growing any business.

  • Eliminate Staffing Issues

Support providers typically handle all the hiring, training, scheduling, and managing of support team agents. This can save your company time, money and headache.

FlairsTech Technical Support team

  • Talented and experienced engineers who are professional, easy to work with and strong communicators.
  • Utilize a comprehensive set of tools covering all stages of application support and maintenance, configured and integrated with our clients’ tools.
  • • Follow reliable processes, policies, and procedures so that resources can be added smoothly, and requests, incidents and tasks can all be performed and tracked closely, and key metrics/SLAs can be continuously monitored and refined.

Our Software Support Services include:

  • Toll-free telephonic support
  • Early support and maintenance planning
  • System integration and migration
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Reactive and proactive support
  • Response-time driven support
  • Troubleshooting and continuous maintenance support

FlairsTech is an international software services organization, providing professional software services to clients globally. We serve 2500+ customers worldwide offering different services and solutions with experience in the international market.

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