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A third party is a great way to achieve your business objectives without increasing your internal overhead. But it’s essential to work with a partner you can trust and in a way that fits your needs.

95% of our clients return with new projects

FlairsTech excels at building long-term partnerships with customers worldwide to deliver solutions, extend their internal capabilities and skills, improve processes and outcomes, increase productivity and, ultimately, boost profitability. We support over 2500+ organizations worldwide – and 95% of our clients come back to us with new projects.

800+ employees, 3 countries & 5 offices

Working from our five offices in Egypt, Canada, and Poland, our team works cohesively to deliver the most efficient output. We exceed your expectations because we dedicate a team of professionally trained employees specifically to your project. Working side by side encourages those unique synergies that drive excellence.

Flexible, scalable, project or resource-based services

Take advantage of readily available, committed, and talented professionals for all your software development, technology solutions, and support needs. We help you deliver on your business objectives with responsive and adaptable models built on our core values of Innovation, Talent, and Excellence.

Our risk-free and straightforward engagement models enable you to streamline your business processes and extend your in-house capabilities with ease, flexibility and rapidity:

Project-based services

Enlist the services of a fully committed team, comprising all the talent you need, and headed by a delivery manager (DM), to transform your idea into reality. Our proven methodologies and processes, and the high level of ownership we maintain, combine to ensure the success of your project.

Resource-based services

Hire pre-screened, trained, fully dedicated, and qualified professionals to work alongside your in-house team. Our experienced project managers (PM) help you select and integrate the right talent for your teams, to help you develop your software, speed up time to market, and deliver on your brand promise. Staff augmentation clearly has many advantages as a strategic means to meet your business objectives.

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Three phases to ensure your success

We have developed a simple three-step model for all our services that helps us deliver excellence and meet your business objectives: Assess, Deliver, Optimize.

Assess your needs

  • We analyze your requirements and current challenges.
  • We look at your current structure and key objectives.
  • We provide you with a comprehensive overview of your business, your needs, and your markets.
Comply with regulations

Deliver the services and solutions

  • We define the scope of the project or solution to be delivered and/or the levels of service to be provided, as well as any related requirements to enable a digital transformation and solve your business challenges.
  • We bring together the right people with the knowledge, expertise, and skillsets to provide the service or solution.
  • We get to work to provide a working solution while managing the risks.

Optimize constantly

  • We monitor and evaluate performance regularly to achieve optimal output and track improvements when required.
  • We refine our methodologies, processes, and procedures.
  • We keep up to date with evolving technologies and best practices.

Increase your results, improve your operations, and extend your in-house capabilities.

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