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As a FlairsTech employee, you are a priority and a valued member of our family. From admins to directors, we all play vital roles in our company’s success.

We are also committed to providing you with a positive, dynamic environment filled with equal opportunities, where you are appreciated and your contributions are valued.

We are growing - and fast! 5 offices, 3 continents, 200% increase in the number of employees in this past year.

We are continually expanding vertically and horizontally, and there are now more than 1300 FlairsTech employees across 3 continents. We are always looking for additional dedicated, dynamic contributors to grow with us.

If a flexible, supportive, and energetic environment is important to you, connect with us:

We focus on providing you with a rewarding career path with work-life harmony and continuous learning and development opportunities. Our culture of innovation means we support you and encourage creative ideas and approaches.

Join us, and let’s grow together!

Make a difference. Expand your knowledge. Be valued and appreciated.

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Do we share the same values?

We believe that technology brings people together and makes their lives easier. And we strive to provide quality solutions and services that achieve that goal. Innovation, talent, and excellence are in our DNA, and they’re not just words to drive us as a company, but a part of each and every one of us. In our exciting, dynamic, fast-paced environment, each new project brings challenges and learning opportunities, and delightful satisfaction. We strive to adapt, learn, and improve, to become better versions of ourselves. We bring lots of positive energy to all that we do to get the best outcomes.


We not only excel at performing required tasks, but also add creativity to all our projects. We enthusiastically deliver innovation


It’s all about the people. We engage and develop the most dedicated talent. We persevere to deliver the highest outcomes. Integrity is the foundation we build on.


We work hard to exceed expectations. We are responsive and flexible to help our customers achieve their business objectives.

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We want you to feel appreciated and valued.

We look for the best and strive to give you what you need to stay at the top of your game. Whether it’s a flexible, supportive, and energetic working environment, economic stability, a rewarding career path, work-life harmony, or a combination of all of these, you can find it at FlairsTech.

Respect your budget

Competitive salaries and performance rewards

To keep you inspired and motivated, you receive competitive salaries and exceptional performance rewards in return for your talent, time, and hard work.

Appreciation bonus

We appreciate you sticking with us. So, based on your joining date, twice a year you receive an additional bonus. The longer you stay at FlairsTech, the juicer the bonus.

Family medical, social, and life insurance

Our health and wellbeing matter, and we have full medical insurance for ourselves and our families from the best insurance providers. We also have access to social and life insurance plans to help us plan our future.

Special discounts and corporate deals

We go above and beyond in our work and, when the day is done, we have some fun thanks to the special discounts and corporate deals we benefit from, such as gym memberships, food, and beverage discounts, virtual medical clinics, etc.

Ui and UX mobile applications

Flexibility and work-from-home possibilities

Spread across three continents, we connect and work together anywhere in our flexible work environment, using advanced communication and collaboration tools.

Workshops and chilling at our El-Gouna office

Who says work and fun don’t go together? Work, learn, and chill with your colleagues. We’re a great bunch of people, tight-knit and supportive.

Team trips, activities, and outings

A strong bond makes for better teamwork, and regular get-togethers and activities at our different offices help us get to know each other and build ties that last.

Professional and interpersonal development training

We are always learning, growing, and sharing. A professional Learning and Development team provides constant training on various topics, and unlimited access to eLearning materials to expand our knowledge throughout our journey.

Stress testing

Equal opportunities

Our company is built around people, and there are equal opportunities for all to learn and thrive.

Work with us and let’s grow together!

Talent is one of our core values, and we’re always on the lookout for great people to be part of our growing family. So, if you want to expand your knowledge and work in a remote-friendly, collaborative, and flexible environment, check out our career opportunities here!  Below are just a few open positions, but we’re always hiring, so send us your C.V. now.

Get to know the FlairsTech family

FlairsTech is an international IT and Software Services company with five (5) offices in Egypt, Poland, and Canada. We are part of a 1300+ family that collaborates and supports each other to provide more than 2500 organizations with exceptional Software Development and  Customer Operations (BPO) services, as well as innovative Business Solutions.




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