4 Ways Outsourcing Can Take Your Business to The Next Level

Outsourcing, first introduced as a business strategy in 1989, is the process when a company hires a ...
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FlairsTech Appoints Sean Nathaniel, President and COO of DryvIQ, to Its Board of Directors

Montreal, August 11th, 2022 – FlairsTech, an international IT and Software Services company, a...
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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Outsourcing Partner for Customer Ops

Answer these 6 questions to choose the right Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner to successfu...
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Top 3 Reasons Why Egypt is the Biggest Tech Hub in the Region

There are many reasons why Egypt is one of the biggest tech hubs worldwide. In this blog, we'll dis...
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Five ways to enhance your DevOps workflow in 2022 

DevOps is becoming a vital part of the process and culture of evolving technology companies, and it'...
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FlairsTech Donates an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the New Magdi Yacoub Heart Centre (MYF) in Cairo

FlairsTech, an international IT and Software Services Company, donated an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ...
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[HR Corner] Top 5 CV Writing Tips to Nail your Dream Job

Whether you recently graduated and are excited to start looking for a job or have bee...
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[Dev Corner] One-Tap Deployments with Nginx and Docker: Introduction to Reverse Proxies

Yes, you read the title right, and it is what you think. If you’ve got minimal knowledge about...
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[HR Corner] Top 8 Interview Tips to start your Career Journey at FlairsTech

When you apply for a job, interviews are a deciding factor in the hiri...
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