Improve communication & collaboration within your organization while securing your data

The time spent on back-and-forth emails, miscommunication, lost documents, or using outdated data cost companies money and time every day. That’s why many of them choose Intranet Portals to be at the core of their collaboration and communications to get work done quickly and efficiently. To implement a portal that suits your business needs and improves your operations, you need to work with a partner that helps you:

Make the most out of your budget

Whether you need to gather your data in one place or migrate to a new platform, at FlairsTech, we evaluate your existing licenses/platforms first and see if we can utilize them before recommending a new platform. We share the cost upfront, and we stick to it.

Access a pool of technical experts

Our team helps you choose and customize your platform, train your employees, improve the user experience, secure your data, and integrate everything into your current systems.

Secure your data

Your data is sensitive, and you need to make sure it is safe from any leaks or losses. FlairsTech is ISO certified for Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Quality Management System (QMS) with a proven track record of supporting over 2500 organizations worldwide.

Migrate safely

If you need to migrate your data to another platform or the cloud, you need to avoid downtime and data loss. We will help you backup and restore your data and ensure zero downtime during business hours by scheduling all critical tasks during your off time.

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We have a proven track record working with both B2B and B2C companies, providing dedicated delivery managers to ensure high satisfaction.

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Streamline communication and get work done faster

Improve internal communication

Share and highlight company news, updates, forms, and information with your employees, and amongst themselves, or with their teams

Keep your data in one place

Avoid time wasted on sharing or finding documents. Instead, get a platform that allows you to keep your data in one place and let your employees collaborate on the same document whenever and wherever they are.

Save time & money

Implementing an intranet portal allows you to have everything you need in one place, which means your employees can dedicate the saved time towards more critical business tasks.

Secure your important files

Our experts help you implement a system that allows you to avoid leaks and data loss – whether due to hardware failure or human error – and customize access levels between company employees.

Put your mind at ease

Migrating between platforms is a worrisome and daunting process. But we can take over the whole project as our delivery manager ensures you are aware of the critical aspects of the project and gets you involved only when you need to be.

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Work with a high level of personalization and usability

Trust in innovation

We work with innovative technologies and modern development methodologies. As a result, we regularly update the features to help you stay up to date with the business world.

Dedicated around-the-clock support

We have a vast pool of multilingual professionals to answer your questions and provide required maintenance anytime, anywhere.

Full-cycle expert services 

We provide full-cycle intranet portals development services, starting from analysis and planning to deployment and after-sales support.

Professional consultancy 

We provide you with web portal consulting to help you choose the technologies that suit you and decide on the best approach for your business.

Custom development portal applications

Certified developers for every platform

We have certified talent for every platform. We can work with your current one or recommend the most suitable one based on your needs. We work with .Net Framework, .Net Core, MVC, Angular, React, Java, PHP, SharePoint, Office 365, and more.

Usability testing

Customizable portals

We can customize your platform to suit your needs, from communications portals to extranets, learning management, and cloud portals. Also, we help you integrate all your apps using APIs – including 3rd party and custom APIs.

Continuous maintenance & support

We provide you with customizable maintenance packages, portal health checks, and revamping services. We couple this with 24/7 support for web applications and regular monitoring and bug fixes, guaranteeing high-performance applications that are constantly improving.

Functional testing

Transition between platforms seamlessly

As you grow, your needs change. As a result, new platforms could be more suitable for you. We utilize our expertise to ensure that your business has no disruptions during the transition.

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