Enable your data for better decisions Leverage our cost-effective data and business intelligence technical know-how

To make informed decisions, you need to get actionable insights from your raw data. Without the technical knowledge to select and configure or customize the right tool for your needs, it remains just numbers. FlairsTech’s Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) services can help you obtain the information you need about your performance while protecting your business:

Gather all your data in one place

Your data might be distributed among many laptops, databases, and servers, stopping you from getting a complete view of your business. At FlairsTech, our certified BI consultants and business analysts can help you choose and configure the best tool to bring together your data and give you a holistic view of your performance.

Get a true picture of your teams’ performance

A technology solution can provide an objective, more accurate reflection of actual performance – in real-time. Our custom CEO dashboards can help you monitor the essential metrics in one place and get automated alerts when there is a significant change that might require intervention. Additionally, auto-generated reports can enable you to zoom in on the details.

Respect your budget

Meet your budget constraints

Budget limitations shouldn’t keep you from getting the best service. At FlairsTech, we work with you to leverage your existing infrastructure and licenses to get the most out of your budget.

System testing

Pick the right tool for you

Our BI and Data Analytics experts work side by side with you to choose, configure, and customize the best data analytics solution for your needs.

Maintain the security of your data

To protect your business, you need to be sure your data is safe. Our experts can configure a pre-set access list and train your in-house staff to ensure that employees only have access to the data they need. Additionally, FlairsTech is ISO-certified for information quality and security and has a proven track record of providing reliable services to 2500+ organizations worldwide, so you can rest easy.

Become a data-driven business

Make better decisions

Bring all your data together and transform it into structured and actionable information for a greater impact on your business performance.

Ensure the success of your business

Analyze past and current data to get valuable insights about your business to mitigate risk and handle setbacks.

Streamline operations

Eliminate unnecessary work and make day-to-day tasks more manageable with structured and easy-to-share data.

Access the information you need anywhere, anytime

Monitor performance, spending, revenues, sales funnels, deliveries, and everything else you need to keep track of, from anywhere and at any time, with live, easy-to-view dashboards.

Forecast the future

Access a pool of highly specialized talent, experts in advanced analytics technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Predictive Analytics – at a manageable cost – to help you succeed and stay ahead of your competition.

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Take what you need from our pool of Qualified Data Analytics and BI experts

Meet your current and future needs

Extend your team by adding a pool of BI experts that can advise, test, and develop BI tools according to your specifications and needs. We build our tools with growth in mind, making them easy and quick to scale based on your future needs.

Rely on our end-to-end BI Services

Our knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated teams can help you at every stage of the business intelligence process. We can advise you on setting up business intelligence gathering in your company, develop or help you select BI software, carry out a health check of your tools and process, develop data visualization tools and dashboards, or be your analytics team.

Trust in our business-specific solutions

Advanced BI tools customized to your company’s workflow help you organize, view, and personalize your reports for better data-driven decision-making.

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Support your business strategies with structured data and insights

Data Analytics

  • CEO dashboards
  • Business performance analysis
  • Budget analysis
  • Cost and spending analysis
  • Department KPIs
  • Financial reporting and consolidations
  • Real-time and KPIs report analysis
  • Marketing and sales forecasting and analysis

Business Intelligence

  • Marketing and sales analytics
  • CEO dashboards
  • Billing analytics
  • Business performance analysis
  • Cost and spending analysis
  • Live dashboards
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big Data
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Machine Learning (ML)

Why FlairsTech

Why choose FlairsTech?

Over 2500 organizations rely daily on FlairsTech’s 1200+ employees for superior Software Development and Customer Operations services, as well as innovative Business Solutions.

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Rely on our end-to-end BI Services

BI consulting

We help you convert and analyze raw data from different sources into valuable insights, solve any BI-related challenge and implement a self-service BI solution.

Usability testing

BI development

We provide a robust BI environment according to your business needs. Our BI services cover hardware consulting through suggesting a stack of technologies, developing a data warehouse, setting up ETL, and data cleaning processes.

BI testing

We not only help you develop a BI solution, but we also make sure it is running as intended. For this reason, we deliver data warehouse and ETL testing, report testing, and load and performance testing.

Data visualization & dashboarding

We have a massive portfolio of Data Visualization in BI services. We help you look beyond the figures, focus on the critical information, and immediately spot any changes and trends. We also tailor reports and dashboards to user roles, solve security challenges and develop versions for mobile devices.

BI health check

Not sure if you are getting the best out of your existing BI solution? We can help you with that as well. Our qualified experts can audit your current solution to determine if it is working with compatible technologies, if the processes are working correctly, and if they need any improvement.

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